Columbus Fashion Week’s “Fashion is Art” event

This past week was “Columbus Fashion Week”, where local designers put on runway shows just like they’ve been doing in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. My husband and I attended a fascinating (free :D) event called “Fashion is Art”, which featured sample looks from the designers’ collections. It was a fun evening filled with beautiful clothes… Continue reading Columbus Fashion Week’s “Fashion is Art” event

The Case for Couture, 1 0f 2

Haute Couture. For many average Americans, this translates roughly into “Haughty Clothes”, i.e. stuff that celebrities with waaaay too much money, and way too little sense, buy. But what is it, exactly? It’s a French phrase that actually translates to “High Sewing”. It means the utmost care was put into the design and construction of… Continue reading The Case for Couture, 1 0f 2

Piling on the Prints

Print-mixing is one of those things you can never be too sure about. Sometimes it looks undeniably classy, and then sometimes…you’re fairly certain that if the girl in the snake-skin boots, fiesta-colored skirt, and plaid tote bag weren’t a super-model, then she’d just be super-weird.  Maybe we should leave those particularly special combinations to the elite… Continue reading Piling on the Prints