The Magic of Micelles

I was torn about whether I’d keep this blog purely about clothes, or let some of my other interest and discoveries creep in, but it’s been decided for me. Micellar water is so freakin’ awesome that I just have to review it. What is micellar water, you might ask? It’s a kind of cleansing water that has “micelles” in it, little oil particles suspended in soft water which attract dirt and makeup particles when used as a cleanser (to better satisfy your intellect on this most science-y topic, feel free to  view Wikipedia). Apparently the French have been swearing by micellar water for ages, but it’s only this year that the rest of us have begun to pick up on it (at least, I first remember seeing commercials for it during the Olympics, but that could be because I hardly ever watch tv).  But apparently micellar water is already a staple of Fashion Week makeup artists, as well as plenty of average Joes. So, what’s the big deal?

So magical and bubbly.

For one thing, micellar water is touted as being excellent for sensitive skin. My skin is super sensitive. Like, ridiculously so. To the point that even “gentle makeup cleansers” from Clinique and the like end up reddening my skin and making it sting. To avoid too much stress on my skin, I generally just avoided wearing foundation very often. This August, however, I had a slew of weddings and other events to go to, and found myself wearing a full face o’ makeup rather more than usual. I bought some “Yes to Cucumbers” gentle makeup removal wipes and hoped for the best. But, three red-and-stinging faces later, I thought “No more!” Having heard repeatedly of how good micellar water was for sensitive skin, I headed to CVS in a huff, and picked up a bottle of Garnier Micellar Water for about $8. I have been using it every day since then (the same bottle!), and have not regretted it.

  1. It is good for sensitive skin. No stinging, no redness (unless you rub your skin a little too vigorously, of course).
  2. It is so darn easy. One product to remove foundation, give the face a quick morning freshening, remove eye-makeup, even lip-makeup. And the best part? You don’t even have to rinse it off. That’s right. Somehow all of the makeup and yuckiness clings to the cotton swab, and only some of the oil-infused water remains to soften your skin. Sound like crazy magic? Swipe-n-go, my friend. Swipe. And. Go.
  3. It does not leave the skin super dry. I have some bizarro combination skin that gets suuuper dry after you wash it, but then hours later will be a bit of a grease slick. I had heard that micellar water might not do the best job cleaning really oily skin, but I have not found it to be a problem at all. PLUS, my skin feels soft after using it. Until the winter, I did not even need to use a moisturizer after applying it.

Any cons? Well, none that I’ve experienced. As I said above, if you have very oily skin, or wear very heavy make-up (my idea of a “full face” involves putting foundation on my t-section only) then micellar water might not be cleansing enough for you. Waterproof mascara might require a dedicated eye-makeup remover (which is why I LOVE my warm water wash-off mascara, btw!). But these drawbacks are all hearsay for me.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about micellar water (or have never even heard of it till now), I’d encourage you to give it a try! It really is very convenient, low-cost, gentle and just an all-around excellent product. Woohoo!


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