Crop-Flare, Don’t Care

As far as trends go, I think it’s a good thing to be a little picky. I can be slow to jump on the ol’ bandwagon (sometimes so slow that I completely miss it, yes), partially because I don’t want to accumulate a whole bunch of junk I’ll only wear once, and partly because, well, I’m just picky. I don’t want just any version of a trend…I want one that speaks to my style specifically. And I think that’s as it should be.

Flares have been back for a while now, and while I tried on a pair many weeks back, I couldn’t decide if I should spring for ’em or not. I loooved how they looked in the dressing room with flats and a tee, but it really bothers me when you can only wear something with one type of shoe. Flares, as with any wider-opening pant, have to be hemmed to just reach the ground with either flats or heels. You can’t wear the same pair with both, because the flares won’t be the right length- they’ll either be dragging on the ground, or hovering awkwardly several inches above it.

They were too restrictive. I just couldn’t deal. I’ve learned that versatility is a very important factor for my wardrobe, if I’m not going to get tired of new items within two weeks. So, sadly, I decided to give flares the cold-shoulder.

But then…(cue dramatic music)…I remembered crop-flares! When I first saw this style, I admit I thought it was kinda dorky and hoped it would be short lived. But since then I had seen them more and more, styled in some very attractive ways, and I got curious. When I saw a high-rise version, I decided to give them a whirl.

Turns out, they’re awesome! They have the fun of a flair, but much more versatility! You can wear the same pair with flats, heels, and even boots (if the shaft sticks close to your leg). You can get them in all different rises, and with all different widths of flare, to suit your preferences. In the photos below, I have shared three ways to style this fun, unsual jean!

Outfit 1: A tucked in tee and flats. I love tucking any and everything in to high-rise      jeans…and crop-flares are no exception!


Outfit 2: Short-sleeve sweater and oxford wedges. I also love a good half-tuck.


Outfit 3: Sweater and wedge boots. These boots are close-fitting, and they just pop right under those flared hems!


Have you tried crop-flares? Would you? Let me know the way you love to style them in the comments below!




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