Layering Lite

It is hot, hot, hot, which is completely cruel, after the gorgeous few days of fall we were given over the weekend. As I said in my last post, fall is my favorite season, and for numerous reasons: it’s filled with rich colors, the weather is enlivening, l fell in love with my husband in the fall, and, of course…the clothes are the best! Rich, warm colors, and lots of layering! Layering is the easiest way to make an outfit more interesting and “put together “….probably because you actually did put more things together.

And speaking of layering, it’s exactly for this reason that sometimes summer clothes can seem so… boring. A T-shirt and shorts…tank and capri’s…a dress…where are the jackets, the sweaters, etc? Where’s the depth, the complexity?😱 But layering is possible in summer, too! Even in a very hot and humid summer. It just takes a little more creativity. Aside from the T-shirt under a tank thing I did in this post, there are a couple more tried-and-true layering options!

  1. Vests Are Your Friend

Some women only think of vests as wintry puffers used as last-ditch efforts to keep the core temperature up in sub-zero weather, butif you take away the feather-down, the remaining vest will add very little warmth, but a whole lot of style. I found this tuxedo-type vest at Goodwill and have been using it to add some interest to my outfits this summer. Many different styles of vest are available, including jean vests, long and flowy vests, and cargo/utility vests. Dare I say there is a style for everyone?

2. Layer Your Bling

And while we’re at it, why not layer some jewelery?? It’s a fun way to add interest while adding absolutely no extra fabric! Try stacking necklaces of the same color, but different lengths/shapes like I did here! Or stack your bracelets, or your rings!

Hope you can enjoy this last gasp of intense summer heat! Let me know if you have other ideas for adding interest to summer styles in the comments below!



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