Steppin’ It Up

The fashion world moved into Autumn as soon as August hit. The fall magazines began pouring in, and jackets and boots cropped up in all the stores. I have to admit – I am way excited for fall, not just because of some of the awesome trends in store for us this coming season, but becasue I just generally like fall fashion better- even, perhaps, the best.. You get to layer and create much more interesting looks, without worrying about getting all sweaty and gross!

But, alas, the weather forecast has informed me that it’s high 80’s for the next two weeks straight (at least), so for now, I am going to try and have more fun with/make the most of my warm-weather wardrobe. In many way, summer is about the bright, the airy, and the light. It is the perfect time to experiment with wearing all light colors. Some people are unused to wearing somewhat monochromatic outfits, and some people don’t particularly like it. My husband loves contrast, and sometimes thinks monochromatic outfits can be more boring…at least, in theory.

BUT, while it is true that contrast is a very important aspect of any work of art, it is possible to use contrast in many different ways, thereby creating many different effects. You can create contrast through color, texture, pattern, or style: black and white, rough and smooth, loud and ditsy, feminine and edgy. You can also use these elements to different degrees: high contrast will create a bold look, while low, subtle contrast will create an ethereal, elegant impression. you can also use contrast throughout your whole look, or in little doses, like your shoes or hair only.

Today I chose a look with vary little color contrast – all medium-to-light blues and whites, with delicate gold jewelery…but the delicate lace detail of my sweater contrast highly with the chunky, edgy vibe of the platform loafers…and a teeny bit of pattern on my bag contrasts with an otherwise solid outfit. I also think the wildly painted walls add their own little dose of contrast 😉 I hope you enjoy! Let me know some of your favorite ways to employ constrast in your outfits!



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