Bridesmaid Rehab

Bridesmaid dresses. Brides usually choose them for you, and you either love ’em or hate ’em. At the wedding, it really doesn’t matter, because you’re taking part in an incredibly special moment in the bride’s life, and you’d wear anything for her. But what about after the ceremony? It’s usually the wedding dress that we complain about only wearing once, ever, but…doesn’t this also happen a lot with the bridesmaid dresses?? There’s something so…”bridesmaidy” about most of them, that it can be difficult to find a way to wear them again. Can any amount of re-styling make it happen? After my friend Angie’s wedding, I decided to get creative and figure out some ways I could work this dress into my everyday wardrobe. Here is a picture of the bridesmaid dress as it was styled for the wedding, in all it’s pink, swishy glory:                     IMG_2919.JPG

aaaand here are five different day-time-appropriate looks you can make with that chiffon gown of yours (P.S….if your dress is floor-length, you might consider hemming it up to knee-length, to get more versatility!)

  1. Instantly casual-ify your bridesmaid dress by adding a jean jacket and sneakers! (Although any jacket could work – I think a leather one would be spectacular!) You’re ready to run errands in some serious style!IMG_2921.JPGIMG_2923.JPG
  2. Throw a shirt over it, switch out the belt for a more casual one, and add some moccasin! Now you basically have a pretty, chiffon skirt…woohoo!IMG_2925.JPGIMG_2929.JPG
  3. Go a little retro- ditch the belt, and tie a shirt over it instead. Then, add some cute heels, and voila!                                IMG_2933.JPGIMG_2935.JPG
  4. Make this dressy dress work appropriate by layering a button-down underneath it, then add a fun belt and oxfords (I think a white shirt may have worked even better, but, alas, I do not own one…:0).IMG_2937.JPGIMG_2943.JPG
  5. Alternately, throw a blazer over the dress and add some sharp-looking loafers.( Please note that it also helps to add glasses in order to look extra-smart).IMG_2944.JPGIMG_2952.JPG

And there you have it! There are tons of other variations on these looks (like layering a t-shirt underneath instead of a button down), and I look forward to trying them all. What about you? Do you ever re-wear your bridesmaid dresses? Would you ever try one of these looks?


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