‘Tis the Season, part 2

When dressing for a wedding, the goal is always to look dressy and classy without in any way infringing on the bride’s look. This usually translates to staying away from dramatic evening gowns, and, of course, white…which  means that weddings are the perfect time to bring on the color! And the patterns.While neutrals + a pop of color is one fail-safe way to formulate and outfit, when it comes to choosing colors, there’s no need to go with just one. Sometimes, two bold, contrasting colors are just what you want!  I chose to wear a bright red lace dress with a light blue pendant necklace to our friends’ weddin.g last weekend. I completed the look with leopard print shoes and a leopard print clutch. Is that too much leopard? Nope!! Even though leopard is a print, it has that natural look and functions very much like a neutral, and different versions of the print go well together. In the third (awfully lit) photo, I am wearing what is probably my biggest tip for weddings- a cover-up! I try to always bring one to the reception, because you never know how wildly the venue will be air-conditioned (and you’re going to be there for hours!)






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