‘Tis the Season

For many, “wedding season” has pretty much run its course; for me and my husband, it’s just kicking into high gear. We have three weddings in the space of a month, so I thought it would be a good time to do a little series on summer-wedding-guest looks. This week my husband and I were in California for my dear friend Angie’s wedding. It was really lovely. And hot. As a bridesmaid, my dress for the day was chosen for me (and it was so lovely! :D) but for the rehearsal dinner, I chose to wear a navy dress with my black gladiators, because with their thin straps, they are just formal enough, while still being comfortable and cool in the heat.

Now, I remember my mom telling me that black can never go with navy. It was one of the few fashion tips that I latched on to, since I usually wore uniforms for school and generally had no idea about how clothes “worked”. I liked concrete rules, so I tucked that away for good, and I was definitely suspicious when people suddenly started saying it was ok. I mean, it was obviously a bad idea…right? My husband also remembers his mother telling him that he should never wear black with navy, only instead of accepting it, he argued with her vehemently. So, it should come as no surprise that it was my husband who convinced me to pick the black sandals instead of the brown ones, knowing that I have a closet full of navy. And I’m glad I did! People say the key to wearing navy and black well is to do it “on purpose”.. What exactly does “on purpose” mean in this context? Don’t you always put the clothes that you are wearing on “on purpose”, unless you are a two year old? I think the point here is to make sure your mix of black and navy is bold enough to ensure that everyone knows you saw it and chose it, rather than maybe you got dressed in the dark, and that navy shirt looked a lot like black, and oh well, too late to change! The truth is, you can wear navy and black pretty much any way you want and still look good, but if you feel at all uneasy about it, here are a few tips to make sure you always look “on purpose” and not accidental.

  1. Make sure your black is nice and dark, or your navy is fairly bright,to ensure some contrast in your outfit.
  2. Wear a sizable amount of both colors (I.e. don’t wear a black dress and just have a tiny but if a navy camisole peaking out).
  3. Incorporate either the black or the navy a statement piece, I.e. something that had a clearly defined style to it. Gladiator sandals were my statement piece, and I paired them with a very simple faux wrap navy dress. Finally, I threw in my confetti-colored necklace to keep the look from being too dark…it was a very happy occasion, after all!😂

  IMG_20160804_170213424_HDR     IMG_20160804_170247200_HDR

IMG_20160804_170311073      IMG_20160804_170319244


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