Nifty Thrifty

Wedge sneakers. One of the most ridiculous, bewildering, and downright odd pieces of clothing I have ever met…and yet, ever since their advent a several years ago, I have secretly wanted a pair. They look like moon boots. Actually, they look just like those futuristic sneakers they wear in Back to the Future Two. They look GREAT. But before you even have to repress your gag-reflex, I will hurry to point out the fact that this blog post is not actually about moon sneakers (I realize these are an exceedingly divisive item).

What this blog post is about has more to do with the fact that I got these dreamy kicks for $2 at the yardsale down the street. Also the purse I am wearing. The bracelet and the layering tee were picked up from thriftstores around Columbus for less than $5 total.

While the benefits of thrifting are manifold- you get cheap clothes, you are often helping a good cause, and you are reducing waste- some people get very frustrated trying to shop at thriftstores. I know, because I used to be one of them. Nothing ever seemed to fit me right (and I’m pretty sure no thrift store pants are ever going to fit me), and there was just so much junk to sift through! It was intimidating and most often disappointing. The very thought of walking into a thriftstore used to make my soul cringe. This is no longer the case. Now, like the good Pavlovian thrifter, my ears perk up at the very mention of Goodwill. Now my husband, who has always liked thriftstore shopping, gets sick and tired of it before I do. What changed, you ask? Today I will share with you a few tips I have learned over the years in order to get the most out of shopping at thriftstores.

Tip No. 1

Don’t go shopping for anything you need. Like now. It is way unlikely that you will find exactly what you are hoping for even at a regular store, let alone a thriftstore. Try more often to buy the perfect things when you find them, even if you’re not 100% sure that you need it right now, rather than trying to find the perfect thing when you need it. Anyways, the whole beauty of thrifting is coming across unexpected treasures!

Tip No.2

Focus on accessories. Sure, take a glance through the shirt rack to make sure you’re not missing anything awesome, but shirts, pants, skirts, etc. are much harder to fit, and thus have a much lower payout per minute spent looking. Not to mention there’s way more of them. Limit your time searching for clothing, and increase the amount of time looking at purses, shoes, belts, jewlery, etc. You are much more likely to find some little item that you love. I almost always do.

Tip No.3

Never buy anything at a thriftstore that you wouldn’t at least consider buying at a retail store. This means you should reject immediately anything with obvious defects or fit issues (unless you are a magical seamstress lady) and anything that you basically think is ugly, but.. it’s sooo cheap! The point of thriftshopping is not to move a bunch of junk out of the thriftstore and into your closet. The point is to find things you really want. For cheap.

Tip No. 4

Try new things! While it is important not to buy things you actually don’t like, thriftshopping is the perfect time to try out a new style that you aren’t totally sure about. You have only a few dollars  to lose, and a whole world of intersting new styles to gain! So try those platform shoes, or that mustard-colored shirt!

These are my tips…may they help you on your way to becoming a master of thrifting! And here is my outfits, 4/7ths of which was thrifted:




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