Your Closet Is Your Oyster

I admit it- I like to read lots of those famous, pretty “out there” fashion blogs, or at least follow them on Instagram (because actually they never seem to say much besides “look at this fancy thing”).  Part of me does it because I simply like to look at striking, well-put-together outfits, even though every single piece is designer, custom, could buy a month’s worth of groceries for a small family, etc., etc. But because they are clothes and not simply paintings, it’s sometimes disappointing because you know that clothes are meant to be worn, not just looked at, and  you could own them, if you had the resources.  So even though it’s fun, it can be a little disappointing….like window shopping (who really enjoy doing that?? I mean really?). Isn’t the whole point of “shopping” to eventually buy something?

But there is another point to looking at clothing blogs that are waaay out of your range, both in price (and I sincerely hope I would not spend so much money on clothes, even if I had it!) and in wildness: you can get interesting new ideas to recreate in your own way and with your own budget.

The other day I googled “How to dress like a fashion blogger with no money” and I got an article telling me that the way to do it was to spend only $80 (not $200) on each plain white t-shirt (because, you know, basics are important). Umm…what? Did I accidentally google “How to dress like a fashion blogger if you are not technically a millionaire, but you are pretty darn close”? Instead, I recreated a summer trend in my favorite way – by remembering that I actually had something very similar in the back of my closet! It’s the slip-dress trend. People wear dresses that are basically just slips, but layered over t-shirts or other things. Not a trend I’d want to invest a whole lot in, but a fun look for a night out! I realized that the lining of one of my dresses was basically a detachable slip, so I threw it on over a white tee I got at Goodwill. Then, because the slip was kind of potato-sack-like, I used the sash from the dress. I added a bracelet and my platform shoes that I got from Modcloth (only $17 😀 ), and voila! I think this is a better way of recreating a trend without spending well, much of anything. And it was a perfect six month anniversary outfit! 😉

So, check in the back of your closet! You might have some dresses (or parts of dresses) that you can wear in a way you never thought of before.



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