Built for Beauty

This is a style blog, and while the style I will comment on most of the time has to do with the clothes we wear, I may sometimes speak of other, related styles. For instance, architectural style. Though I know very little of architecture, I have come to conclude, through conversations with my husbad who actually is an architect, that fashion and architecture are very similar in some respects. When you think about the main qualities of clothing, it seems to me that they can be beautiful, have to be functional, and can be long-lasting (admit it, don’t you wish every sweater you loved lasted as long as that Eddie Bauer one?)  And it strikes me that it is just this way with buildings. A structure can be beautiful (or not), useful (or not), and enduring (or not). While I cannot speak as to how useful ancient buildings in Rome were, they are certainly beautiful and undeniably long-lasting. A truly excellent building would be seamless combination of these three characteristics. And while it may technically be more important that a building fulfill its use well (a house that lets in rain is admittedly a terrible house), still nobody wants an ugly house. You have to look at it all the time; it forms a part of your landscape. Humans were made for fields and mountains and beautiful vistas, and I believe one should strive to make buildings as concordant with this beauty as possible.

Today I am sharing some photos of houses in our neighborhood that I believe to be beautiful, though it be a somewhat unconventional beauty. You see, there are many abandoned, boarded-up buildings in our neighborhood, and I feel a sort of affinity towards them. They remind me of myself, when I feel I cannot speak about what I think or care about, either from external or internal pressures. But, like all who are silent, these buildings have as much, and sometimes more to say than those who have no barriers. Today, I would like to give these buildings back their voices.



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