Don’t Get Mad- Get Gladiators!

Not gonna lie, the first 5 months of being married have been pretty tough. My husband had just taken a new job, so, after moving all of my stuff to New York, we were there for about 2 weeks before we had to pack everything back into a moving van and head to Ohio (and oh my gosh, is moving expensive :P). About 3 weeks after moving to Ohio, I was hospitalized with a ruptured fallopian tube from an ectopic pregnancy. It was the first major surgery of my life, and the first time my life had ever really been threatened. And now, due to job situations, it is likely that we will be moving yet again (though where we don’t know) and, well, it can all be a little overwhelming at times!

But there’s nothing like uncertainty to make you appreciate the things in life you can count on no matter what, like family that flies out to help take care of you on the drop of a dime, or buys you groceries for weeks, or sends you extravagant care packages. Or like a husband who supports your dreams no matter how silly they seem (like starting a style blog when you have no clothing budget :P) and who believes in you more than you do yourself, AND who is willing to go shopping with you when you have $10 in Old Navy Supercash and need to get a pair of gladiator sandals NOW.

And speaking of gladiator sandals…I know I’m a whole year late to the party, but let me just say – if by some chance you have not already acquired a pair of gladiator sandals this summer, you really need to. Like now. Whatever reservations you may have, I implore you to pick those reservation up, dump them down a well, and then don’t tell Lassie.

I mean, these things are just great! For so very many reasons:

  1. They look so cool.
  2. They make even the plainest outfit look very planned.
  3. They are very foot-flattering (even on wide, flat feet like mine. 😀 Score!)
  4. They are super comfortable to walk around in (at least, these ones from Old Navy are, and I am speaking as a girl who gets blisters if the wrong pair of shoes so much as touches her feet).
  5. They go with pretty much everything. Maybe everything.

The only drawback I can think of is that the ties do not always stay all the way up your leg unless you tie them quite tightly. I am not sure if this is due to my particular leg-shape, or the unavoidable ravages of gravity; however, they look just fine regardless!

I know I will be wearing these sandals throughout the summer due to their comfort and versatility. Today, I will show you how a simple outfit takes on a totally different character with the addition of some extra straps on your feet. I’ve styled them with an oversized AnnTaylor button down that I got from my dear friend Cristina’s closet purge, a pair of light-wash boyfriend jean shorts from Gap, and a gorgeous leather tote from Garnet Hill that was my sister’s birthday present to me last year. Yay for sisters!!!! Anyways, I will stop raving about how much I love gladiator sandals, and let you see for yourself.

My husband, Nate, chose the backdrop for these pictures – a boarded-up brick house from our neighborhood. I think  it’s lovely, and in my next post, I’ll be talking more about some of these buildings in our area.


See? The laces were down…now up they go!


Are you as excited about gladiators as I am? What do you love to wear them with? Let me know in the comments below!


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